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Keeping a timeline log is very important.


You can use a calendar or a diary to keep track of your partner's activities and excuses and on what days and times are unaccounted for during each week. (keep this hidden from your partner)Your partner has a daily and weekly routine consisting of both work and social activities including sports and hobbies. Keeping a daily and weekly log of your partner's activities will enable you to pinpoint any times that are unaccounted for, that you haven't verified yet, regardless of reasons or excuses given. The date, time, where your partner is going or excuses why your partner is so late etc.  It's very important to discreetly verify every reason or excuse that is given to you and make note of it on your calendar.

In your timeline log your keeping on your partner, mark or highlight the things that you have been able to verify. Keeping this log over time will give you a profile on your partner's activities and you may notice, for example, that Mondays and Thursdays are hard to verify and your partner is absent on Mondays and Thursdays each week for about a month in your log but your partner has given you different excuses each week. (This would mean, that's the time period to focus on as that's the time period your partners trying to lie about.) Usually but not exclusively a partner will give you reasons that he or she knows would be unlikely or impossible to verify or would be too embarrassing to verify, for example calling their boss, or parents just to verify their whereabouts.

" Remember, in order to have an affair, they must have the time to have an affair and therefore they must lie, in order to account for their time.  "

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Time is one thing, but another basic requirement to have an affair is these two people would need a place to go. They need a place to meet and talk and they also need a place to go to be intimate with each other. To meet and talk they could go to a coffee shop, restaurant, bar or a shopping mall just to name a few. Almost always avoiding an area that is close to their spouses work, home or places they could run into family or friends. To be intimate together they would again avoid areas close to their spouse's work and home, where they could be seen by family or friends. If your partner is cheating with someone that's married or in a committed relationship they would most likely be using hotels/motels, but if your partner is seeing someone that's single and lives alone, they could simply go to their place.

Keeping a timeline of your partners

activities and excuses are very important.


Can you tell when your partners lying?