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106 Signs of Cheating

As I said before that you've seen lots of websites with Signs of Cheating and we have our list too but that doesn't solve your problem, does it ? Most of the time these telltale signs are circumstantial, taken out of context or explained away, somehow. Which signs have you seen ?

Is your partner cheating ?

The first signs are seldom the stereotypical things like lipstick on the shirt collar. they're usually much more subtle, more of an intuitive reaction to changes in a partners behaviour.  

A change in routine, a change in habits.

The denial of these first intuitive feelings is very common but as you'll see later, they often prove to have been a reliable first signal.

The first level of suspicion is that gut feeling that something is wrong. For some people it is a growing feeling of uneasiness while for others it is a sudden feeling that resulted from a casual comment or incident.

52 Behavioral Signs :

  • More attentive to clothes and accessories.

  • More focused on weight and appearance.

  • More pre-occupied with job or outside interests.

  • More absent from home with time not accounted for.

  • More distant then usual.

  • Your partner calls you to see where you are so they know where your not.

  • Less willing to talk or spend time together.

  • Less interested in family issues.

  • Less involved with in shared activity.

  • Less attentive.

  • Less available emotionally.

  • Forgets to wear wedding ring or takes it off.

  • Begins walking the dog more often.

  • Using the ATM more frequently and having unexplained expenses.

  • Turning off phone with time not accounted for.

  • The car is cleaned out of all traces of kids toys.

  • Becomes more possessive of there wallet/purse, computer or briefcase.

  • Comes home smelling of alcohol on breath.

  • Pats on back but no hugs and kisses.

  • does not want you to touch them.

  • Finding a condom in clothes or car.

  • Comes home wearing clothes you haven't seen before.

  • Constantly late arriving places.

  • Carries toothbrush & mouthwash.

  • Erases text's.

  • Distancing themselves from children.

  • Listens to music degrading women (eg, Ho's, Bitches)

  • Sudden deterioration of sex drive.

  • Spends more time in front of mirror.

  • Leaves for work early and comes home late.

  • No longer wants to kiss during sex.

  • Keeps change of clothes in car.

  • Takes shower as soon as comes home, from being out.

  • Abruptly closes or changes window on computer or

  • Changes passwords on phone, computer, tablet.

  • Opens separate bank account.

  • Suddenly quits or starts smoking.

  • Reading more about sex.

  • Sudden changes in bedroom sex habits.

  • Starts wearing sexy underwear but it doesn't seem like it's for 

  • Sometimes doesn't answer phone when it rings.

  • Looking nervous before taking a call in another room.

  • Increase in drinking socially.

  • Some erratic behaviour.

  • Buys you flowers but not an occasion, maybe guilt.

  • Staying out late.

  • Withdraws from spending time with parents.

  • Suddenly private about cell phone.

  • Locking bedroom or bathroom door.

  • Wanting privacy in washroom when never before.

  • Stops helping around the house.


35 Verbal Signs:

  • Your partner has changed there slang words and or speech pattern they use.

  • Your partner wants to open separate bank accounts.

  • They accuse you of going through there stuff.

  • Wants you to visit relatives alone.

  • Calls out different name during sleep.

  • Your partner wants to visit friends, hasn't seen in years.

  • Picks a fight so they have excuse to leave and go out.

  • Blames you for relationship issues.

  • Can't remember things they've said before.

  • People you know start asking how the relationship is going.

  • Calls you by new pet name.

  • Talks about disappointments in life.

  • Your partner wants to know if you really love them.

  • No more compliments.

  • Changes political views on abortion.

  • Talking about interests that your not a part of.

  • They need space.

  • Talking more about friends of the opposite sex.

  • Your partner says there going somewhere but actually goes somewhere else.

  • Has apprehension about signing another lease or anything legally committing between you both.

  • Defends other people that cheat. (eg. Bill Clinton)

  • Doesn't want you to visit there work anymore.

  • Has to go to gym constantly.

  • Encourages you to have your own activities.

  • Starts swearing more or changes conversational manner.

  • Turns down romantic dates with you.

  • No "I love you's".

  • Constantly talking about a co-worker.

  • Criticizes the way you look or talks down to you.

  • Has a warped view of honesty.

  • Starts remembering negative parts in your relationship.

  • Accuses you of cheating to put you on the defensive instead of them. (deflecting)

  • Constantly angry and critical of things.

  • Being evasive about detail


19 Other Signs:

  • Starts working nights and/or weekends.

  • Goes shopping for brand new clothes.

  • Suddenly wants to do there own laundry.

  • Becomes overly protective and jealous or suddenly stops being that way.

  • Orders new household items.

  • N, spirit and churchew general attitude.

  • Avoids moral people and places.

  • Becomes overly protective and jealous or suddenly stops being that way.

  • Orders new household items.

  • N, spirit and churchew general attitude.

  • Avoids moral people and places.

  • Attitude towards god and church has deteriorated.

  • Increased social events your not invited to.

  • Your partner is going to restaurants you haven't been to as a couple.

  • Starts listening to  new types of music.

  • Increase in late night phone calls/text's and being secretive about who's calling.

  • Begins attending more seminars and conventions.

  • Suddenly has new friends you've never met or heard of before.

  • New interests in subjects previously ignored before.


If you've seen signs of cheating  in your partner, then let's see if your partner has a Motive to cheat on you.

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