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Well, That's what's available these days to help you. I've given you lots of information with a lot of value. I'm sure that if you continue to add to your timeline log and keep looking for and collecting evidence, you'll be able to answer all your questions and end your frustration of not knowing what's going on and have peace of mind.

Step #1 was to establish that something was going on that requires further investigation. we looked at Suspicion, Motive and Opportunity.

Step #2 This section was about general evidence and various ways of getting evidence. How to keep a Timeline, Excuses and lies, Physical Evidence, Physical Surveillance and Decoys.

Step #3 Evidence gathering equipment, Bug the Phone. The tools and services to make things easier for quicker results.

I'd like to thank you for using my site as a resource for solving your problem. I also have been cheated on and I'm glad I've been able to help you. Thanks again and good luck with your case.

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