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Physical Evidence

Picture of the inside of a car with small paper and other garbage on the floor in car.

Evidence to look for in a vehicle: 

Either you share a car or your partner has a car and you have access to your partner's car, Keep track of your partners mileage to and from work. This can be verified against mapquest or google maps. After you enter your partner's home address and their work address and compare this to the odometer in the car. Also, know the route they take and time of day to account for rush hour. Keep track of mileage if you can.
-If your partner says they travel alone in the car all the time with no passengers. Put a piece of clear tape on the bottom of the passenger door to see if your partner is letting someone in the car. If the tape is ripped, then you know the doors have been opened. 
Check the seat position of the passenger seat (if you have access). Vehicle seat adjustments are always graduated so you can set the seat position. You can set that seat position to the 2nd or 3rd tooth from the furthest back position so you can tell if the seats have been moved.
-Use a new tape roller brush to pick up any hairs on the car seats.
-Check for garbage in the car and under seats for any evidence and don't forget to check between the console and seats and the passenger door compartment. (lipstick on a coffee cup or a condom wrapper, receipts, etc.
-Notice how the car smells, is that air freshener or perfume? Does it smell like smoke and your partners a non-smoker?

-Check for parking receipts with date & time.
-Notice if the cars recently dirty or muddy as if your partner took a different route or was somewhere where there's construction or a dirt road. You can usually check construction zones online with the respective municipality and if your partner didn't go through a construction zone try to figure out what area the car was in to get like that.



Evidence to look for in a house:

  • The laundry basket is a good place to find hair on clothes maybe even pet hair on socks but you both don't have a pet.

  • The garbage is a good place to look and don't forget to check inside containers for hidden garbage.

  • Observe on or the day before garbage day things aren't being hidden in garbage bags at the last minute. Car garbage could have been added to house garbage at the last minute before taking it to the curb.

  • Look at the bottom of shoes for mud and what colour is mud. was there any mud where your partner said they were going.

  • Snoop around the garage for hidden things that don't belong.

  • Mail that comes to your house or your pick up at the box near your house. (not condoning this but)Check statements and bills for extra spending eg. dinner for two, hotel bill, etc.

Image of two garbage bags by the curb.
symbols and words for our 5 senses, sight, touch, hearing,taste,smell.

5 Senses

  • Sight: Check your partner for scratches.

  • Touch: Is your partner as touchy/feely as before.

  • Hearing: Listen to your partner for a difference in how they respond to you or others.

  • Taste: When you kiss, do you taste wine or something different.

  • Smell: Is your partner smelling like perfume or cologne or soap you both don't use.

  • Generally, Pay attention!

  • Frequently check the vehicle and the house garbage when your partners not around.

  • Next is how you can conduct physical surveillance on your partner.