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a women sitting having a coffee when a man sits down and she takes notice and smiles at him and he smiles back.

 For someone to cheat, they have to have the time to cheat. 


Also, different types of relationships require different amounts of time. For example, If your partner was seeing someone that was single and that person didn't know your partner was in a relationship, that person might be expecting to spend more time with your partner hoping it leads to a Bf/Gf relationship.

If your partner was seeing someone that was a friend with benefits or an affair relationship this would require a smaller amount of time as there is no expectation of a full-time committed relationship and maybe your partner's friend is in a committed relationship too.

If your partner was seeing prostitutes the time required for that relationship would be minimal. So by comparison they all require different amounts of time. The question is, how long is your partner disappearing for?

They would have to be in an environment that allows them to meet in the first place if it's someone new.


The work environment and their personal social circle are the most common places to have exposure to the opposite sex for example.

The Work Environment

Let's first take a look at the work environment. Is your partner in an occupation where their exposure to the opposite sex?

-For example, if a salesman worked in a retail environment he would come in contact with a lot of women as opposed to a truck driver that's on the road all day.

-Another example would be, a woman working as a waitress in a bar would come into contact with a lot of men. So consider carefully their occupation and daily routine. Don't forget to consider where the crowd at work goes for lunch or maybe some go to a bar after work.

60 % of all affairs begin in the work environment.

31 %  of employees said they have had a random hook-up with a co-worker.

22 % of employees had admitted to dating their boss.


Men are more likely to have an affair at work than women.

Women were found to have affairs with someone they would call a friend,  while only 16% of men said that.

Women were more likely to consider a workplace affair, unprofessional.

Women were more worried about workplace gossip and people spreading rumours as you spend all your time together and they could risk their job.

Co-workers spend 40 hours or more per week with each other and that's most likely more than you spend with your partner. Your partner and their co-worker share the ups & downs of work and they bond over successes and bad times at work and build this bond & trust with each other. This is why an affair or hook-up is likely to happen at work.

A lady and a man embrace in a hallway and she wraps a leg around the back of his leg.
A group of college guys and girls posing for a picture at a bar, where they are drinking beer and having fun.

Personal Social Circle

Your partner has a history with friends in their personal social circle.


Friends from school, friends from sports teams, friends through friends/cousins, they've made friends with the boyfriend or girlfriend of their close friends. A previous neighbour or an Ex and even your own siblings have gotten close to your partner.


They trust their friends and feel comfortable with them. 

43 % of women that have cheated have cheated with a friend, not through work but their own personal social circle. These relationships are either affair (long term) or friends with benefits or a casual hook-up with a friend.


Choosing a special friend in your personal life that you've known long enough to trust would be better than having an affair at work because of the roomers and the risk of being fired. There is mutual discretion in these relationships,

 like best friends, have secrets. The question here is, does your partner have an opportunity to cheat and if so would it be with someone through work or their personal social circle? 


Ask yourself

The 5 W's

Who, would your partner be cheating with, a friend,

a co-worker, an ex?

What, is going on? Cruising the bars, strippers,  prostitution, an affair, friends with benefits? 


Where would this be happening? Hotels, motels, the car, their place?

When, would this be happening?

(Check your timeline)

Why, would this be happening? Not satisfied in the relationship. emotionally or physically?

(Check your Motive)

  • Did you see Signs of Cheating in your partner?

  • Did you see a Motive to Cheat?

  • Would your partner have the time to cheat?     


Step #1 is complete and now it's time to show you

  various ways to Catch a Cheat.