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My Favorite Way's

to Catch a Cheat

Using evidence gathering equipment or spy gadgets, really makes your job easier. These products and services are divided up into categories to show you what's available and what you can do with them. Products are tools or solutions to solve your problem. 

Let's start at hidden cameras in case you think something is going on in your home.

  • Hidden cameras, by room.

  • Body Cams, for your Decoy.

  • Portable audio rec. 

  • Cellular audio bug for Live Listening.

  • Gps for vehicles

  • Forensic test

This page of products contain affiliate links to which i make a small commission and does not increase the price to you.

Hidden Cameras for around the house

image of a smoke detector with a hidden camera inside.

$15. to $35.

Smoke Detector


Hidden Dvr Camera

and some with wifi

A great choice for being versatile.

This can be mounted on a ceiling or the top of any wall, in any room or hallway and not look out of place.


Alarm Clock


Hidden Dvr Camera

and some with wifi

There is always an alarm clock in a bedroom.

This will record 12 hours of video.

Several different styles to choose from.

e of a digital alarm clock with a hidden camera.

$15. to $40.

Image of a picture frame with a hidden camera inside.

$8. to $35.

Photo Frame


Hidden Dvr Camera

This is a great choice as this can go in any room except the kitchen (that would stand out)

This will record 2 - 3 Hours on battery and many Hours if it has continuous power. 


Usb Charger


Hidden Dvr Camera

and some with wifi

Another great choice, as this is versatile and doesn't stand out in any room in the house at all. This one is best used in the kitchen as the wall sockets are up high as opposed to most rooms.

5 - 6 Hours of recording before it starts looping over previously recorded files.

image of a usb charger with a hidden camera inside. 3 pictures, top view, side view and front view are shown.

$20. to $30.


Body Cam's for your Decoy

image of a pen that has a digital video recorder inside. hidden camera.

$6. to $15.


with hidden DVR Camera

One application with this great mobile device is that it can go with a decoy (not known to your partner) and record your partner's behaviour.



Sunglasses with hidden DVR Camera

This is great for your decoy to record what your partners doing and saying. they come in male and female glasses for you to choose what will work best with your decoy.

3 views of a pair of sunglasses that have a digital video recorder inside.

$6. to $20.


Portable Audio Recorders

image of a usb flash stick that has an audio recorder in it.

$6. to $15.

USB Voice Recorder

Battery time is 13 Hours and with continuous power, it will record for 70 Hours.

Can also be put in a car using a 12- volt lighter (female) socket that has two wires and can be connected to constant power under the dash or to the fuse box.

You'll be able to record all conversations in a car and even phone calls that are made using the hands-free method.

(See what you need, go to spec's page)

Portable Cellular Audio listening device with GPS

Mini A8

Two great things about this device are that it gives you GPS and audio conversation around the device, anywhere in the world. 

That's right! live listening with GPS.

Also because of its small size, you can put this device anywhere.

image shows the A8 beside a cell phone as thats how you listen as the a8 microphone lets you monitor from anywhere in the world.

$6. to $15.

Forensic tests

Under $40.


This is a Seamen test kit. It's designed to test clothing for trace amounts of seamen.

Check your partner's underwear from the laundry hamper for stains. Mainly designed to be used on women's clothes this test kit will show seamen stains and if you have abstained from having sex with your partner for at least 7 days and the tested area turns purple then the female partner has had sex in the past 7 days.

The test can also be used by women to test a man's clothes because if the test is positive for pre-ejaculate seamen on a man's clothes, he probably got excited somewhere.

(Not as full proof as to the test on women's clothes.)

GPS Tracking Devices

GPS Tracker 102B

Great live tracking Device

s-l500 (4).jpg

Under $30.


Under $10.

12 Volt

Power Adapter

for tracker 102B

Great accessory for the Tracking Device as your batteries won't run out. Just connect to constant power like the car battery or a constantly powered fuse in your fuse box.

  • The above products are great tools to use to see if your partner is cheating and at the same time, have the proof.

  • Another great way would be to monitor (Bug) your partner's phone and get GPS, texts, conversations, selfie's and so much more.

  • Come on let's check it out.