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Why do people cheat?

Is something lacking in your relationship where your mate's emotional needs are not being met?
In this excerpt from the book "Men are from Mars and Women are from venus" the list does not mean that your mate will cheat if one of those needs aren't met but might be a good first indicator in the breakdown of your relationship. 

Image of two wedding bands on top of a page with the definition of infidelity in text.

Men and women need to receive different love needs, to feel loved.

Women need to receive:

1) Caring
2) Understanding
3) Respect
4) Devotion
5) Validation
6) Re-assurance


Men need to receive :
1) Trust
2) Acceptance
3) Appreciation
4) Admiration
5) Approval
6) Encouragement

What would your partner say, that they're NOT getting in your relationship?

Why Do Men Cheat?

1) The desire to have a more active sex life.

2) Sexual variety: The desire for a different type of sex or a particular sex act.

3) Opportunistic sex:  Presented with an opportunity to have sex without getting caught.

4) To satisfy his sexual curiosity about having sex with a particular person.

5) To re-affirm his sexuality.

6) They might crave attention.

7) Other women make them feel good.

8) Ego embellishment, to feel important or special.

9) Men cheat when sex desires differ.

10) Not getting sex at home.

11) Wife no longer attractive.

12) When no longer in love.

13) When men are cheated on.

14) Habitual cheater.

Image of man wearing a suit with the tie loose and lipstick on his collar.
looking through a window with blind slightly open you can see a man and a women about to kiss.

Why Do Women Cheat?

1) To fulfill an unmet need for emotional intimacy or a desire for a close emotional bond.

2) Dissatisfaction with their mate.

3) A desire for male attention.

4) Re-affirmation of her desirability as a woman.

5) To re-capture those feelings of romance and passion.

6) A desire to feel special.

7) Feelings of neglect or being taken for granted.

8) Loneliness/Boredom.

9) Sexual excitement.


Did you see a Motive,

why your partner would cheat?



If you have seen signs of cheating and your partner's Motive to cheat, then does your partner have the opportunity to cheat?