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A women in a bar smiling at a guy near her that seems to like her.

Sex/Date Decoy's

Using a Decoy method is Integrity testing your partner. Their's several different types of decoy strategies that you can use.  The first type of decoy is the sex/date decoy then we'll talk about the social media decoy and even spoof calling your partner.

Sex Decoys are private investigators who specialize in matters of infidelity. So, do the same thing the P.I's do. If you suspect that your partner, if given the opportunity would cheat on you, then you send in a friend/decoy that your partner does not know to create a chance meeting with your partner to see if they would react to the decoy.

You would tell the P.I./decoy all there is to know about the suspected cheater such as their preferences (short, tall, blonde brunette, etc.) tendencies, likes, dislikes, description, hobbies, habits, and any other data necessary. 

Once you match up a decoy that fits the profile for the case then you can decide on your approach.

Even if your partner is not interested in the decoy, your partner might be meeting someone else and if so you'll be glad you equipped your decoy with a hidden video device to catch the proof.

Example: If your husband is a locksmith, we might have the decoy lock her keys in her car and call the subject for a service call. The sex decoy will then engage in small talk and try to ask him out for being so helpful. We see if the subject takes the bait then and there, or if the subject exchanges contact information to meet up later, given a chance. If the subject is loyal, the decoy's advances will be politely turned down. If they take the bait, we see just how far they are willing to go with the decoy.



Social Media


  • Make a new profile page on social media sites that your partner uses.

  • Use a different name and a picture of someone that you think your partner would go for.

  • Then as this fictitious person think of a background story to how you might know your partner. ( preferably hard to verify)

  • Send a message to your partner and flirt with him/her and see if they take the bait. You might ask if your partner is in a relationship and how that's going or you might get so far in conversation that you agree to meet up, maybe at a motel/hotel on a certain day and time and surprise your partner when they do. You might want to do this while texting using a spoof card as to not reveal your real number. Be creative and think it through.  You have the tools to do this.

image of a decoy facebook profile to flirt with her boyfriend as another person to see if he'll take the bait.

Spoofcard, Check this Video out !

 1) click download. 2) scroll to video...

 Cool Eh?

  • Call any number without ever displaying your real number.

  • Record your spoof calls for proof.

  • Disguise your voice as a man or woman and you can even add background noise.

  • You can make it look like your calling from anywhere in the world.

  • Send anonymous text messages and keep your phone number hidden.

  • From as little as $10. for 45 minutes of talk time.

This would work great with a Decoy/Fake social media account.

Would your partner take the Bait?

  • If you choose to physically send someone to where your partner is to see if your partner would take the bait make sure they are equipped with a recording device, audio or video but a device with both is best.

  • Ok, now it's time to show you some tools of the trade to make it easier.