Checkmate Spec's

Detects semen on men or women’s clothing

  • Non-staining and undetectable test kits

  • One of the best ways to catch a cheating wife

  • Instant results

This infidelity test kit is accurate, quick, and reliable.

If you're concerned with the infidelity of a spouse or suspect your underage teen is involved in sexual activity, the Checkmate semen detection kit will remove the uncertainty of the situation.

Each kit comes with 10 semen detection tests that can be used on multiple items of clothing. Simply take the garment and use the included blotting papers and liquid dropper to determine if semen is present. If the test paper changes colour to purple, the garment has tested positive for semen and there is good reason to believe a spouse has been unfaithful.

Every Checkmate comes with a comprehensive instruction manual to make sure you use the kit correctly. Performing the infidelity test only takes a few units and doesn't leave any marks or residue on the clothing.

Works on both males and female clothing

You'll want to test garments that haven’t yet been washed recently. For best results, abstain from sex with your partner for several days and then use the semen detection kit to test the garments. Keep in mind that you need to keep track of what clothing was worn on what day.

If you are testing female clothing, the detection of semen after a period of abstinence is essentially conclusive proof. It’s much harder to determine male infidelity via semen detection on clothing. Detecting semen on male clothing isn’t conclusive proof of infidelity, due to several factors unique to men.


  • Checkmate Semen Detection Kit w/ 10 Tests

  • Instruction manual

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