• How To Catch a Cheat
  • How to Catch a Cheat

Could you tell if your partner was cheating?

Do you even know what to look for?

a girl looking unhappy and hurt while boyfriend looks at her with open arms begging for a second chance.

No one teaches us how to tell if someone is cheating on us, or how to catch a cheat, 

not until now, that is.

 I'm a former Private Investigator. I'm going to teach you many ways to catch a cheat and the techniques used to catch cheaters Right here, Right now for FREE. 


You've been surfing the Internet looking for answers to your problem while your solutions are right here. 


You've seen lots of websites with a list of cheating signs, we have them too, but that doesn't solve your problem doe's it?

After all your already suspicious and have already seen some signs of cheating in your relationship otherwise you wouldn't be here. 

How to catch a cheat is more than signs of cheating, we focus on helping you catch a cheat using tried and true methods and techniques.

You have an advantage over a Private Investigator because you have greater access to the subject/your partner than the investigator does and that's a big advantage if you know what to do.


How to catch a cheat is easy to understand, step by step guide to quickly and accurately help you determine if your partners cheating on you and at the same time, have the proof. Once you've read through this website, you'll understand what to look for, those behavioural changes of a cheater and the basics requirements of any affair and where to focus. You'll learn some creative and imaginative techniques to catch a cheat. Although everyone's situation is different, there are common denominators in every case of infidelity.

A male Private Investigator sits in his car with the window rolled down halfway, holding a camera and taking a picture.

The very first thing to do is, don't accuse your partner of cheating and if you have, stop doing that now and here's why. You see as soon as you do that your partner is going to get more careful and sneaky and it will make you're investigating more difficult. If your partner doesn't think you suspect anything they will go about their business as usual.

A women faces her husband while he's in bed and holds up a bra she just found, that's not hers.

The most expensive way to solve your problem is to hire a private investigator to help you. They would charge you $85.to $150.00/hr. with a thousand dollar retainer.

I realize that can be very expensive for most and simply can't do it.
That's exactly why I decided to build this Do-it-yourself (DIY), Domestic Investigation website, to offer FREE professional advice on how to catch a cheat and some tips and tricks too. So if you suspect infidelity in your relationship and you just have to find out for sure, then the info on this website is a must to have, for peace of mind.

"Wouldn't you like the satisfaction of finally knowing what's going on and confront your partner with the proof?" 

Step #1

This section is to establish that something is going on that warrants further investigation.

  •  Signs of cheating

  • Motive

  • opportunity

Step #2

This section is about general evidence and a list of places to look for evidence and ways of getting evidence.

  • Timeline

  • Excuses and Lie

  • Physical evidence

  • Physical surveillance

  • Decoy's

Step #3

This section is about my favourite ways to catch them.

  • Evidence gathering equipment

  • Bug the Phone

Have you seen signs of cheating in your relationship?

Have you seen our list?